Welcome to the site astrodoxa.doxatheca.com. It is part of the doxatheca sites, the homepage of Christa Berger and Bernhard Burger. Astrodoxa is maintained by Bernhard (thats me). This site wont provide you with much info. It is just a place, where I store and show the astronomical photographs I produce. To be honest, it is more of an observation log for myself than anything else. Since I started doing this in April 2009, please be patient  until you find some really cool pictures :) I'm working on that. If you have any suggestions and tips - they are welcome at any time. 
Just to make sure: I'm doing astrophotos for their aesthetic value and my recreation only. My equipment for that is not very fancy, but well good enough for me.
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 Moon behind Cirrus clouds photographed through the branches of a nut tree

Crescent moon and (not too easy to see) Venus on an April evening