January 2011

Partial Solar Eclipse

On Jan 4 a partial Solar eclipse was observable in my area. It started aroud 8 local time and was observable for around 1 and a half hour. After that fog prevented further observation.

The morning started like that

Observation was rather difficult, because I was not able to use my normal site and equipment. Images were taken using a 3.5 inch Maksutov equiped with Baader ND 5 Solar Filter at 1250 mm focal length on a way too shaky photo tripod. Times are local

 08:28 08:45 08:59 09:23 09:30

The picture match nicely the calculations made by CalSky.

M42 - Orion Nebula

Yet again a picture of the Orion nebula. This time I tried to get a well resolved center together with some of the darker outer structure. Seems much better than the one I made a year ago.

 Object Name:
 M42 - Orion Nebula
 Object Type:
 emission nebula
 Object Position:
 RA 05h 35m 24s DE -05° 27' 00''
 St. Pölten, 16.01.2011, 19:43 MEZ (16.01.2011 18:43 UTC)
 L 6x5s + 6x30s + 6x60s, RGB 4x5s + 4x30s