January 2013

M1 - Crab Nebula

If the wheather is crappy, you have to rely on remte resources. Here a picture taken with the remote observatory at Mayhill. M1 is a supernova remnant in the constellation Taurus. The supernova explosion in the year of 1054 was observed and is well documented in Chinese, Japnese  and Arabic sources[1]. An analysis of the Sung Shih, the Annals of the Sung Dynasty dates the superova to July 4 or 5, 1054[2].

 Object Name: M1
 Object Type:          Supernova Remnant
 Object Position: RA 05h34m32s DE 22°00'52''
 Location/Date/Time: Mayhill, 5.1.2013  22:45 (6.1.2013 05:45 UTC)
 Parameters: 12 x 300 s RGB

[2] Burnham's Celestial Handbook, vol. 3, pp. 1846

NGC2264 - Christmas Tree Cluster and Cone Nebula

Is it a cluster? Is it a nebula? Read here, that NGC 2264 actually comprises two objects. The Cone nebula is named that way, because - well, look at it :) The Christmas Tree Cluster is a bright and scattered open cluster, that allegedly looks like a xmas tree. I don't see it!

 Object Name: NGC 2264 
 Object Type:          open cluster within a nebula
 Object Position: RA 06h41m51s DE 09°052'06''
 Location/Date/Time: Mayhill, 20.1.2013  23:45 (21.1.2013 07:45 UTC)
 Parameters: 18 x 300 s RGB