September 2012

Sun in Ha

After a long astro imagin dry spell I used a sunny day to do some Ha Sun images

 Object Name: Sun with flare
 Object Type: 
 Object Position: 
 Location/Date/Time: St. Pölten, 3.9.2012  17:00 (3.9.2012 15:00 UTC)
 Parameters: 150 Image avi stack

M72 and Helix Nebula

M72 is a globualar cluster in the constellation of Aquarius. Discovered by Pierre Mechain in August 1780 it was included by Messier in his catalog in october of that year[1] .

 Object Name: M72
 Object Type:          Globular Cluster 
 Object Position: 
 Location/Date/Time: St. Pölten, 8.9.2012  21:30 (8.9.2012 19:30 UTC)
 Parameters: 10 x 300 s L, 4 x 180 RGB

The Helix nebula is a large planetary nebula in Auarius. Discovered by Karl Ludwig Harding it is one of the closest of its kind[1].

 Object Name: NGC 7293 - Helix Nebula
 Object Type:          Planetary Nebula
 Object Position: 
 Location/Date/Time: St. Pölten, 8.9.2012  23:30 (8.9.2012 21:30 UTC)
 Parameters: 10 x 300 s L, 4 x 180 RGB


M17 - Omega Nebula

 Object Name: M17
 Object Type:          Emission Nebula
 Object Position: 
 Location/Date/Time: Mayhill, 10.9.2012  20:45 (11.9.2012 02:45 UTC)
 Parameters: 10 x 300 s RGB