Links, Software and Literature

Here you find some links to sites I like, mostly private sites. Also you will find some links to - in my mind - useful software and a list of books worth reading. There are also links to commercial sites. This does not mean an endorsement of any kind, nor does it state an advertisement or warranty of any kind. A link in here means that I find the site use- and resourceful and/or the product worthwhile looking at.

Astronomy sites

Software Sites - Software I personally use


  • "The Cosmic Perspective" by J. Bennett et al. (german Version "Astronomie", edited by Harald Lesch)
  • "Burnhams Celestial Handbook" by R.J. Burnham jr.
  • "Digitale Astrofotographie" by A. Martin et al. (german)
  • "Illustrated Guiide to Astronomical Wonders" by R.B. Thompson et al.