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Partial Solar Eclipse - Jan 2011

posted Jan 2, 2011, 2:53 AM by Bernhard Burger
IMPORTANT! Please make sure to observe all safety precautions and procedures neccessary for sun observation! IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE to your eyes will occur, if you do not follow safety precautions and procedures! The worst you can do to your eyes is to look at the sun or a solar eclipse of any kind without the proper protection of SPECIAL ECLIPSE GLASSES!
If in doubt, ask a specialist! Info is available e.g. here (en, de).

On Jan 4 we will "hopefully" observe a partial eclipse of the sun. Even though I'm not the solar system guy, I really look forward to it. Here are the data for my home (standard observation site). Data are courtesy of CalSky.
  Time (local)
 Altitude Azimuth
 Start of eclipse 8h02m54.4s 1.2° 128.6°
 Max of eclipse 9h23m39.6s 16.5° 141.4°
 End of eclipse
 10h52m04.7s 17.4° 163.1°

According to Calsky it shoul look like that:

Currently wheather forecast does not look that good for St. Pölten (50% probability for overcast skies), but lets hope the best.

Sun observation safety warning:
NEVER look at the sun or an eclipse without protection specially produced and certified for that purpose!!!
NEVER look at the sun
or an eclipse through sunglasses, photographic films, slides, x-rays, etc... !!!

ALWAYS protect your eyes and your optical equipment with suitable filters and special glasses!!!
SPECIAL Solar Eclipse glasses must be worn at all times!
Also every optical instrument used has to be equipped with suitable filters. When in doubt, DO NOT LOOK - ask a specialist!

Failure to to observe proper safety precautions will result in severe damage to your eyes and loss of eyesight!

If you are not sure, what suitable safety precautions in that context means, please ask a specialist!